Where Do I Sign Up For Winter Reading?

Starting December 1st, you can create or update an  account through or by using the READsquared app on a mobile device. You may use the same account you used this summer to register! 

Where Can I Download The READsquared App?

Why Should I Register Online?

  • Quickly log reading points on your own schedule
  • Log points to be eligible for different reading prizes
  • Access bonus features
  • Discover reading lists
  • Create your own reading wish lists
  • Write a book review
  • Keep track of past items read
  • Play a wide variety of games
  • Complete different missions

Why Is An Email Required?

The email is required to notify participants about updates and used for the raffle prize contests.

How Many Programs Are There?

Two! There is a Pre-K Program (birth - 3 years old) and a Children’s Program (4  years old – 12 years old).

Can I Use A Paper Log?

The primary way to log reading for prizes is to use READsquared online. You can also contact the library for assistance with logging points or to request a paper log. Call the Children’s Department at (631) 234-9333 ext. 6

When to Redeem Prizes?

Points can be redeemed starting in September. Check back for information on how to redeem your prizes. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who can participate?
Babies, toddlers, preschoolers, all children birth to age 12!  Children too young to read by themselves are welcome to participate by having a parent or caretaker sign them up and read to them.

Can I count books that I read on my computer or e-reader?
Of course! It’s all the same to us.

Can I count time that I spend reading to my kids?
For sure! We love when you read to your kids!

Can I count audiobooks?
You bet!

Can I count the time that I spend reading a book even if I do not finish it?
Absolutely! Ten minutes is ten minutes.

Can I join the program after its official start date?
You bet!

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